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Christie Cunningham

Pilates, Yoga, Ballet and Barre Instructor

barre, ballet, pilates, yoga
Former professional Ballet Dancer

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Christie earned her Bachelor in Dance from the University of Calgary/School of Alberta Ballet. Christie went on to perform as a company and freelance dancer in Canada and Europe and was fortunate to work with companies including La La La Human Steps and the Deutsche Oper Berlin as well as creating her own works.

As cross training for dance, Christie trained regularly in Yoga and Pilates but it wasn’t until an injury in 2012 when she pursued a career as a trainer. Since then, Christie has become certified as a trainer in Gyrotonic®, Gyrokinesis®, Yoga and Pilates. She is passionate about injury rehabilitation and has worked extensively with dancers and dance students as well as pre- and postnatal mothers. She has published research on dance related injuries and presented workshops at conferences including IADMS in 2014.

Christie currently lives in Switzerland with her husband, two kids and dog. She is the founder of GHAM Training, through which she offers private and group training in Switzerland and abroad. Christie is passionate about helping people to reach their movement goals whether that means managing pain, increasing energy or becoming a top athlete. Her goal is to help people (re-)connect to their bodies and the joy of movement.

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