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Lynn Dichon

Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Former Professional Contemporary Dancer

Lynn Dichon is an Israeli Yoga and Meditation instructor and a former professional contemporary dancer. She graduated from “SEAD- Salzburg Experimental Academy Of Dance” in 2018 and her 200h Hatha Yoga teacher training in 2017 at “A1000 Yoga Academy”.

Since then she was teaching regular classes and workshops in London, Tel Aviv and now in Padova, Italy where she’s currently based.

“Coming from a background of dance, I was using my yoga practice to explore the connection between the physical body and the mind in a deeper level, as well as giving the body the chance to align and heal from injuries. Introducing yoga into my life gave me the opportunity to forget about everything that was going around me for a moment and reconnect with myself, my body and my intentions. As I had the desire to pass this experience to others, I became a teacher.”

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