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Senta Borlisch

Fitness Instructor

full body
Former Professional Skeleton Racer and Performance Athlete
This is our new fitness coach Senta. Senta has always been a sports lover. One of her oldest memories regarding to sport is when she took part in a children's run at the age of five and ran five times as many laps as required. “I think I've always had a passion for motion”, she says with a laugh. Luckily her parents registered her at the local track & field club afterwards. Aged 14 to 22 she was a performance athlete, dedicating herself first to the discipline of triple jump, later on to the sport of skeleton. However her performance career ended in 2019. The biggest low of her life turned out to be the greatest starting point for something new. She switched sides and travelled to South Africa for an internship, working as an athletic coach for kids coming from poor conditions. As she loves being the coach and sharing her passion for motion, she didn't have to think for a second, before she said yes to Pilates Barre Lovers. With her completed studies in the field sports sciences, Senta designs strength and high intensity workouts for all fitness levels and is looking forward to infect you all with her fire for working out. “The great thing about sports is, that it is for everybody. We start at different levels, but in the end we all move, we all sweat, we all get challenged and we all can be proud of us", Senta says.

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